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Netflix / VSI Los Angeles

Voice of many many incidental characters, many of whom speak to each other. Here are two of those instances.

Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike

Trans Studio / Legacy Entertainment

Voice of the PPDC AI, which can be heard in the cinematic intro and throughout the ride itself (beginning at 0:58 with "detour, detour").

Night is Short, Walk on Girl

Science Saru / GKIDS

Voice of Noriko, the stage manager of the guerrilla musical theatre group. Sample includes two musical numbers, from 0:41-2:38.

Recorded in my home studio.

Watch on HBO Max!


Mars Media Entertainment

Voice of Anya, the bilingual Russian prisoner who is forced to translate for the Germans, and later facilitates the prison break plan.

Watch on Amazon Prime!

(Little Women)

Voice of Mercedes, the sister who wants nothing more than to rise above her family and escape the poverty they've landed in.

Suncrest Bank

Short spot for Suncrest Bank's small business loan program.

Recorded in my home studio.


Fauna Entertainment

Singing voice of Minky, the little boy.

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